The Faculty of Economics and Management of Mahdia (Faculté des Sciences Economiques et de Gestion de Mahdia), in collaboration with the Scientific and Cultural Association of the FSEG-Mahdia (Association Scientifique et Culturelle de la FSEG-Mahdia) and the EAS-Mahdia Research Unit (Unité de Recherche EAS-Mahdia), is organizing an International Symposium on Statistics and Econometrics (CISEM 2019) to be held from May 3 to 5, 2019 in Mahdia, Tunisia. This symposium is also sponsored by the French Society of Statistics (Société Française des Statistiques [SFdS]) and the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (Cirano).

The aim is to create a privileged forum for discussion and exchange that invites researchers, academics and professionals to present their work, share their best practices and discuss recent developments in statistics and applied econometrics. This inaugural international scientific meeting will include presentations by guest speakers as well as the results of high-quality research from researchers in various disciplines: economics, management and medicine. It is also open to other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences with a focus on data processing developments using sophisticated statistical and econometric approaches. These questions concern research as much as pedagogy, especially at the master’s and doctoral level.

In this sense, this conference clearly has an operational focus. Observation, experimentation and dissemination of research results such as training design should be used to support practitioners and decision-makers to strengthen their statistical reporting capabilities. Not to mention that, statistics are essential for economical development. In this context, for development activities to yield results, statistical data on poverty, access to education and the incidence of disease must first be collected and analyzed.


The CISEM2019 aims to be a platform for exchange between young researchers and confirmed researchers in several specialties, and between academics and professionals from various fields of activity (Industrial or service companies, Banks and insurance companies, state and local governments, consultancy and development firms, etc.) interested in the efficient practice of statistics and econometrics. Thus, this conference aims to take stock of the state of this art and the new challenges in the fields of econometrics and statistics. Particular attention will be given to works dealing with production econometrics, medical modeling and statistical quality control, in addition to considering applied economics papers in the themes of innovation economy, health and monetary economy, and financial and banking economy.

As a result, the main objectives of this meeting can be formulated as follows:

  • To bring together statisticians, economists, financiers, doctors and computer scientists around a set of themes and innovative research in the field of statistics and econometrics.
  • To promote the applications of statistics and econometrics and their use as decision-making tools for decision-makers, whether public or private (companies, administrations, organizations, etc.).
  • To highlight recent studies and look for new lines of research.
  • To provide a framework for coordination between academics and economic actors to establish priority research themes needed to define appropriate development policies and strategies.
  • To promote the creation of a synergy between the university and the industrial world to promote employability and improve the competitiveness of Tunisian companies.
  • To encourage the creation or reinforcement of a dynamic of cooperation and scientific partnership between Tunisian and foreign research structures.